Gary Tunstall

This site was written 22/05/2003,
Since then it has been updated many times
I have started adding dates to the updates

An update after over 3 years, tho its not really an update.
More a delete loads of stuff and remove my email address update.
Most of my web time is now spent at Gaming Radio Network

Merry Christmas
New sites are available: My dads weather station and Skegby Appreciation Society

Tommorrow only (well maybe other times) Door web cam!
The reason?
I have ordered a GP2X
I received the dispatch note today, so I need to know if it arrives tommorrow
If it does then I will come home early and go collect it
Update: I have it now

The updated is a page with the details of my car crash :-(

Also my sister (Hazel Tunstall) has now graduated,
so good luck for her for the future.

For some reason people don't think having links to me playing with fire
and my cv on the same page is a good idea for some reason.
Not sure why?

Other things I wanted to add 2 years ago and still haven't

  • Proweb - They host this
  • Alcohol - Its good, although I drink less now (which is bad)
  • Programming - I do it as a job and most of the time enjoy it
  • University - Not relavant now

Here is a picture of me while writing this site. (on 22/05/2003)
Me writing this site
As you can see (on my phone) its 23:41 and I am watching Pretty Women on TV.

And here is me when graduated with a first class MEng
My graduation photo
My graduation photo

Last update 01/02/2010


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